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Honeymoon in Aurangabad

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Honeymoon is the most happening and pleasing time in couple’s life that they want to enjoy in their own way by exploring snow-capped mountain ranges, beaches, forest ranges and serene places. Some people prefer to explore the prehistoric monuments that hundreds and thousands year old. If you are planning to explore one such destination, certainly Aurangabad in the state of Maharashtra is the wonderful place to explore. During your honeymoon in Aurangabad, you will explore some of the prehistoric monuments like Ajanta and Ellora Caves that are World Heritage Sites and luring tourists from across the world.

Once it was a dream destination of famous Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb founded in the year of 1610. Now, it has become one of the four main cities in the state of Maharashtra. Now, it is known for its industrial growth, heritage, prehistoric monuments and various other similar activities.

Not forget to mention the historic gates for them Aurangabad is famous. During your honeymoon in Aurangabad in Maharashtra, you will visit more than thirteen gates still stand with pride and have become a must see destination. These gates include :

1. Barapulla Gate, Bhadkal Darwaza and Delhi Gate.

2. Kala Darwaza, Khas Gate and Khizer Gate.

3. Makai Gate, Manju Gate and Mehmood Darwaza.

4. Naubat Darwaza and Paithan Gate.

5. Rangeen Darwaza and Raushan Gate.

Apart from the aforementioned gates, another popular attraction in Aurangabad to visit during your honeymoon in Maharashtra includes :

The Ajanta Caves : Famous for depicting the stories of Buddhism spanning from the time of 200 B.C. and 650 A.D. The beautiful and prehistoric caves were discovered in the 19th Century by British Officers during the Tiger hunt. They are total 29 caves built by Buddhist monks through simple tools like hammer and chisel. During your honeymoon in Aurangabad, you will see exquisite sculptures depicting stories from Jataka tales. In addition, they also house images of nymphs and princesses along with treasuring some artifacts of the Buddhism.

The Ellora Caves or Verul, carved during 350 A.D. to 700 A.D. are also famous representing the three faiths of Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. Located at the distance of around 30 km from the city, Ellora cave that are total 34 in number are fascinating and the finest instance of cave temple architecture housing facades and amazing interiors. 12 caves in the South are dedicated to Buddhism, 17 in the centre are dedicated to Hinduism and 5 caves in the north to Jain.

Apart from the amazing UNESCO World Heritage site, you will also visit some wonderful destinations and tourist places during your honeymoon in Aurangabad. These famous places include Ghrishneshwar Temple, Daulatabad, Bibi ka Maqbara, Panchakki, Aurangabad Caves, Soneri Mahal, History Museum, Chatrapati Shivaji Museum, Lonar, Paithan, Gautala wildlife sanctuary, Pitalkhora, Siddharth Garden and the list goes on.

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